On Delay in Accession to the Schengen Treaty


The Minister of Interior Dzintars Jaundžeikars considers that Latvia has met all the necessary requirements in order to accede together with the new European Union member countries to the Schengen Treaty in the year 2007, therefore the news about delay of the second generation Schengen information system (SIS II) is disappointing and suggests to search for faster solutions in order to meet the requirements of the Schengen Treaty.

Besides, Mr. Jaundžeikars is considering a possibility together with the ministers of Interior of the Baltic States to find a way how to speed up cancellation of border control between internal borders of the Baltic States. It should be indicated that at the Council of Ministers of the Baltic States there has already been gained a conceptual agreement that it is necessary to have a common standpoint of the countries regarding the Schengen issues. 


Dz.Jaundžeikars considers that the ministers of Interior of the European Union should agree on further action and additional steps in order to prevent stoppage of Schengen expansion process and full-fledged membership of the new member countries in Schengen. In addition, the minister indicates that additional attempts are necessary and more effective cooperation between the member countries of the European Union and the European Commission in order to try to shorten the additional time necessary for development of SIS II technical project. „We want to ensure that the development of SIS II technical project would not adversely impact the Schengen expansion process. Strict political guideline is necessary that the delay may not be lengthy. It should be clearly defined and each week of delay should be substantiated,” considers the Minister of Interior. The Commission should timely warn about any delays rather than ignore the crisis until the last possible moment. Such attitude critically influences the national resources and their planning.


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