The second stage of Schengen inspections has been completed

Yesterday, on July 12, the second stage of the Schengen assessment commission work in Latvia was completed, during which the compliance of the Latvian air border control and border control procedures with the provisions of the Schengen legal enactments was assessed.

The commission was led by the Finnish representative and it consisted of one representative from the Netherlands, Germany, Greece, Sweden, Austria, Czech Republic, European Council’s General Secretariat and the European Commission. During the inspections, the main focus was laid on agreed activities of institutions working in the airport „Riga”.


On July 11, in the State Border Guard’s Main Administration Office the commission had a meeting with the acting chief of the State Border Guard – the Border Guard General Mr. Ēriks Ivanovs and discussed the topical issues regarding control of external border. The Schengen assessment commission listened to the common presentation of the State Border Guard, the State Police, the customs and the Food and Veterinary Service. The presentation told about the structure of respective services, tasks, targets, measures, which are taken in order to ensure the security of the national border, as well as the strategy of management of Latvian borders. The members of the Schengen commission asked questions to the representatives of services, which are connected with the performance of provision of Schengen legal enactments when ensuring proper control of the European Union’s external borders.


The Commission acquainted with the State Border Guard’s Main Administration Office’s Border Guarding Department’s Operative Management Service, the Expertise Division, Information and Communication Department, as well as Immigration Department. The executives of the State Border Guard’s Main Administration Office acquainted the commission with the organization of the authority, work coordination of territorial departments, the data bases used and equipment for inspection of documents.    


On July 12, the commission in the State Border Guard’s Riga Administration Office and the Airport „Riga” border control point listened to the presentations of the State Border Guard, the State Police, the customs and the Sanitary Border Inspection’s territorial structures, as well as other institutions working in the airport. Later the commission performed the inspection of the institutions working in the Airport „Riga”, as well as the existing and planned infrastructure with a purpose to state the readiness to distribute the flows of traveling persons from/to Schengen and non-Schengen countries. Great attention was paid to agreed activities of the services, the level of personnel knowledge and to skills practically perform the necessary inspections and use the existing border control equipment when performing control of arriving airline passengers from London, St. Petersburg and Istanbul.


Conclusion report on the air border will be reviewed in Brussels in September 2006.


Overall in Latvia this year, there will be Schengen inspections carried out in six areas – air, sea, land border, police cooperation, visa and data protection area. During the visits, the Schengen Treaty member countries’ expert groups will assess the readiness of the State Border Guard, the State Police, the customs, the Food and Veterinary Service, the Ministry’s of Foreign Affairs Consular Department, the Sea and Air Forces of the National Armed Forces to the application of Schengen Acquis.


So far the Schengen experts commission has already assessed Latvia’s activities in the areas of visa issuance, sea and air borders. The next experts’ visits will be carried out in September when the land border, the Police cooperation and data protection will be assessed.


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