The System of Allowances and Compensations will be Put into Order

In the meeting of State Secretaries on September 7, the draft Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers prepared by the Ministry of Interior have been announced „Regulations on allowances and compensations to the officials of the Ministry of Interior (IeM) system’s establishments and Imprisonment Places Administration (IPA) with a special service rank”, which will fix a unified procedure for receipt of allowances and compensations by officials with special service ranks.

By these Regulations, the system of allowances and compensations payable to IeM system establishments’ and IPA officials will be put into order – it will be clearer, understandable and integral for the officials of all establishments with special service ranks.

The currently effective legislative enactments do not provide a detailed and integral procedure for receipt of social guarantees in IeM system’s establishments and IPA. Separate norms may be differently interpreted, the amount of allowances and compensations in different establishments is different. The types of allowances and compensations are fixed in several legislative enactments, therefore the system is not clear.

The developed draft legislative enactment refers to 19 thousand of officials with special service ranks. Although it does not provide introduction of new types of compensations and allowances, however officials with special service ranks will clearly know their rights, which will influence their social security given the circumstances and environment, in which they perform their service duties. The project provides material increase of the amount of compensations if the official, when performing the service duties, has suffered in a personal accident and become a disabled person on I, II group or suffered severe health disturbances.

The draft Regulations have a direct impact both on the life, as well as social protection level of the officials. Feeling socially stable and protected, the officials will be more motivated to continue their service. In addition, it is expected that upon increase also of the salaries, the service will recruit new employees, which will result in better results of respective establishments and the safety of the whole society.

It is planned that the issue about allocating of additional state budget resources in the year 2006 to the Ministry of Interior in the amount of 217,795 lats and to the Imprisonment Places Administration in the amount of 78,330 lats for disbursement of individual allowances and compensations, should be considered during the process of preparation and review of the draft law „Amendments to the law „On the State Budget for the year 2006””, but in the year 2007 and next years – simultaneously with priority proposals of all ministries’ budgets during the preparation and review process of the draft law on the regular annual budget.

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