NATO Summit safety measures have been implemented on the highest level

The safety measures planning during NATO Summit in Riga on November 28 and 29 were performed according to the previously developed plan, and were implemented on the highest quality level presenting excellent coordination between all the involved services, admits the Minister of Interior Ivars Godmanis.

„It was a complicated and responsible task, which successful outcome depended on every person involved in these activities and required to apply a lot of efforts every moment,” emphasizes the Minister. He notes that the coordinated activity of all the involved services and selfless work served as a ground for the fact that the Meeting of the North Atlantic Alliance leaders took place without any accidents not only in Riga, but in Latvia overall.

The Minister expressed his gratitude to everyone who was participated in the planning and organizing of the safety measures, as well as to every employee of the Interior Ministry’s services, who had to work very hard these days.

I.Godmanis also is thankful to all the residents of Latvia for their understanding of the restrictions occurred due to the safety measures

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